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#17 Wake in Fright

A hot desert place, a worn-down man holding a rifle walks away from a cabin. PODSPLOITATION PRESENTS WAKE IN FRIGHT.

Wake in Fright (1971). Directed by Ted Kotcheff, screenplay by Evan Jones from a novel by Kenneth Cook. Starring Gary Bond, Donald Pleasance, Chips Rafferty, Jack Thompson, Peter Whittle, Sylvia Kay, Al Thomas, John Meillon and Maggie Dence.

We see in the new year (and the new decade) watching an English schoolteacher have probably the harshest new year he’ll ever see. It looks almost as hot in the movie as it does outside right now.

Christmas special: Red Christmas (with Horror Movie: A Low-Budget Nightmare)

A woman bathed in red light aiming a gun out the left of the picture. PODSPLOITATION PRESENTS RED CHRISTMAS.

Red Christmas (2016). Directed and written by Craig Anderson. Starring Dee Wallace, Geoff Morrell, Janis McGavin, Gerard O'Dwyer, Sam Campbell, Sarah Bishop, Bjorn Stewart, Deelia Meriel, David Collins and Robert Anderson.

Horror Movie: A Low-Budget Nightmare (2019). Directed by Gary Doust. Featuring Craig Anderson, Dee Wallace, Robert Anderson, Gerard O'Dwyer and Bryan Moses.

Callum (of The Year of Living Dangerously fame), Daria and November get some help from Mayhem and Moment to bring you the spirit of the festive season by...reviewing a film about an aborted foetus out for revenge. (Hey, at least it's not another Christmas Carol knockoff.) Their hearts grow three sizes, though, when they watch the feature documentary about how the movie came to be.

#16 Frog Dreaming

Three children, two on a pier looking into a third in the water.

Frog Dreaming (1985). Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, screenplay by Everett DeRoche. Starring Henry Thomas, Rachel Friend, Tamsin West, John Ewart, Tony Barry, Dempsey Knight, Katy Manning and Dennis Miller.

Cody Walpole finds himself curious about a pond near his rural Australian town. Callum holds the spiritual up to the rational. Moment and Mayhem throw some ping-pong balls down the corridor.

Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this episode may contain the names and voices of people who have passed away.

#15 Houseboat Horror (Halloween episode)

A woman with blonde frizzy hair looks scared. There is blood and damage to the picture. PODSPLOITATION PRESENTS FOR HALLOWEEN: HOUSEBOAT HORRO

Houseboat Horror (1989). Directed by Ollie Martin and Kendal Flannigan, screenplay by Ollie Martin. Starring Alan Dale, Gavin Wood, Animal, Christine Jeston, Craig Alexander, Louise Siverson, Peppie D'Or, Stephen Whittaker, Julie Thompson, Mark Muggeridge, Greg Latts, Ian Campbell, Lewis Porter, Christopher Young, Don Bridges, Wilkie Collins and Zlatko Kasumovic.

Known through cult screenings and variety show reviews, this movie drags the Podsploiteers screaming into the world of so-bad-its-good horror. This Halloween, a crew of musicians and moviemakers (and John Michael Howson) face getting killed one by one in Houseboat Horror.

#14 Roadgames

Two people sitting in a large truck cab. A dingo-like dog lies on a platform between them. PODSPLOITATION PRESENTS ROADGAMES.

Roadgames (1981). Written by Everett De Roche and Richard Franklin. Directed by Richard Franklin. Starring Stacy Keach, Jamie Lee Curtis, Killer, Marion Edward, Grant Page and Bill Stacey.

Is Pat Quid chasing a killer across the country, or is the killer chasing him? And is November right about what brought him to Australia?

#13 Boar

A huge boar coming up between two grassy hillocks. Podsploitation present BOAR.

Boar (2017). Written and directed by Chris Sun. Starring Simone Buchanan, John Jarratt, Nathan Jones, Roger Ward, Bill Moseley, Christie-Lee Britten, Hugh Sheridan, Melissa Tkautz, Griffin Walsh and Ernie Dingo.

Podsploitation marks its first anniversary with a new pig attack. With a megaboar chomping and stomping its way through Queensland, the people of a small town may be the next victims in this latter-day nature horror.

#12 The Shrimp on the Barbie

A woman and a man driving a convertible. PODSPLOITATION PRESENTS THE SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE.

The Shrimp on the Barbie (1990). Written by Grant Morris and Ron House. Directed by Alan Smithee. Starring Cheech Marin, Emma Samms, Carole Davis, Vernon Wells, Terence Cooper and Bruce Spence.

Cheech Marin comes to Australia to fall in love, and our team fall in love with Cheech Marin coming to Australia. Callum is happy because his Ozploitation BFF OTP is in the movie.

#11 Plugg


Plugg (1975). Written and directed by Terry Bourke. Starring Peter Thompson, Cheryl Rixon, Norman Yemm, Reg Gorman, Noel Ferrier, David Vallon and Alan Cassell.

This month's film sees an unkempt private detective investigate a brothel while a pair of police officers investigate him. They don't make them like this anymore....phew.

#10 Midnite Spares

Outside on the street, a scruffy-looking David Argue and Bruce Spence look appalled.. PODSPLOITATION PRESENTS MIDNITE SPARES.


Midnite Spares (1983). Directed by Quentin Masters, written by Terry Larsen. Starring James Laurie, Gia Carides, Bruce Spence, David Argue, Max Cullen, Graeme Blundell, John Godden, Amanda Dole, Terry Camilleri and Jonathan Coleman.

When the racing circuit and the crime circuit collide in this month's movie, we hold court on car cinema and wandering accents (that for once aren't from one of the hosts).

#9 Money Movers

Terry Donovan leans against a wall and looks around nervously. PODSPLOITATION PRESENTS MONEY MOVERS


Money Movers (1978). Directed and written by Bruce Beresford from a novel by Devon Minchin. Starring Terence Donovan, Bryan Brown, Ed Deveraux, Tony Bonner, Lucky Grills, Charles (Bud) Tingwell, Alan Cassell, Candy Raymond, Hu Pryce, Frank Wilson and Ray Marshall.

Pink Floyd said that money was a gas, but the Jackson brothers find it all too solid when they want to take off with twenty million dollars of the stuff. Callum compares to Tarantino, November goes biscuit-spotting and Daria starts losing her voice as they review this heist movie.